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The quiet inside my mind

My mind has been wandering like mad lately so I figured it was a good time to post in ye olde journal. I have reached a strange point in my life, the point of complete and total lack of funds. Granted I have done alot of shit over the last few months with the whole getting married thing, but I have reached the place where most newly weds reach and I am rather shocked by it. This whole living paycheck to paycheck bullshit really sucks a cock. One good thing is that I am rather optomistic about the whole situation. Of course it is all going to work out because it has to. No matter what happens I will have to deal with it and I will. However, there are plenty of good things going down in the life of RanDawg. For instance, I got Jessica a chocolate lab puppy for her birthday. We named the bitch Sophie and we both love her to death. This is the first dog I have ever had so I am very excited. I can't believe how fucking happy she is whenever I get home. It is like I have been gone for a week everytime I walk through the door. She is also very smart. I hate stupid dogs so this was a natural good thing for me. All in all I love having a dog so far. The only thing that would make it better at this point would be if she was housebroken, but aht will come in good time.

The whole being married thing is working out well. There are a few changes that have occured in our relationship, but for the most part everything has stayed pretty much the same. We love being together and that is really all that matters. As Jessica's Nana always tells me "If you love each other in your heart nothing can come between you." Old people are so cool because they know so much. I hope to be cool when I am all old.

I hate my job. That is the plain and simple of the whole situation. I have this sinking feeling that I am going nowhere in my life. That and I want to kill my supervisor. Everytime he comes up to my desk I want to take my pen and stab him in his fat head. After some experience I have come to one conclusion: Never work for a small business in which the owners brother-in-law got his supervisor job just because he beat up his wife, went to prison and couldn't get a job when he got out. Needless to say I am looking for a new place of employment, but that is a slow process. I do deserve to be making more money than I am. I hate work. I hate working. I like being able to pay my bills and buy cool shit. What a vicious circle this is. Everytime I start thinking about it I realize that this whole getting older thing is total fucking bullshit. We fucking had it made in high school and college. No fucking bills, no fucking full time jobs and few fucking worries. The only thing we didn't have was total freedom. Granted, now that I have lived in my own house and stood on my own two feet I could never go back but if someone had only told me how much this all sucked sometimes I might have just played dumb and stayed immature and irresposible. Well, things could be worse, I could have a kid (knock on wood).
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